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Ensuring a Hollywood Ending

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Frederic Gillant ShoreTel Guest Blog

I don’t know about you, but I love movies. And not just the big blockbusters either. Some of my favourite films are the ones that the Oscars completely overlooked.

That’s not to say that I think accolades are unimportant. But, I agree with Harvey Weinstein, the head of Miramax, who says he never makes a movie for awards consideration.

Harvey thinks that the “hope” of getting an Academy Award is a great way to motivate and honor the people who work so hard to make great entertainment. Plus, being recognized by one of the world’s best-known brands doesn’t hurt at the box office!

ShoreTel takes a similar approach. We believe in producing solutions that are “Brilliantly Simple,” so we focus on understanding our customers’ challenges and making things simpler, easier and relevant to their day-to-day business. The results have been great and the business has grown fast.

And, we’ve also won a few awards!

Third Time Lucky

For example, for the third year in a row, ShoreTel was voted the best in Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) in the Network World Asia Reader's Choice Product Excellence Awards 2016.

The readership was asked to vote for products that provide a consistent, unified user interface and user experience across multiple communication devices and media types. And they picked ShoreTel from the rest of the industry for a variety of reasons, not least of which were customer satisfaction, value and the lowest total cost of ownership.

And, while I am thrilled to be recognized by Network World Asia for what we’ve worked so hard to achieve, I am even more proud because this award didn’t come from an industry body or even an analyst firm. It comes from the grass roots – the people who use the technology in the real world.

In-depth Analysis

Of course, l’m not saying that analysts are unimportant either. Far from it.

For example, the independent research firm, Nemertes, recently produced a very useful paper entitled, “How to Keep UCC Costs Down as Complexity Grows.” It analyzed real-world cost data, including capital and implementation costs. Most importantly, ongoing operational costs, which are typically hard to factor into a business case until the IT staff actually has to manage the provider in question.

The paper documents those costs, using actual data from companies with 100 employees, 750 employees and 1,500 employees. In each case, whether cloud or on-premises, ShoreTel proved to be the least expensive solution over a five-year assessment.

Or, to put it brilliantly simply, ShoreTel customers spend the least on their IPT and UCC solutions and enjoy the best Total Cost of Ownership!

The Proof is in the Pudding

An individual award may not mean all that much. Nor does a positive analyst report. But, they add up and confirm our own view that we are on the right track. That conclusion is also supported by the fact that ShoreTel has enjoyed another great year. We have expanded offices in Hong Kong, Melbourne and Canberra. We have also moved to bigger premises in India, with many developers now working for us on the subcontinent. And of course ShoreTel Hosted Voice was launched in Australia in April.

ShoreTel has won plenty of new business across the region, and while I don’t think we’ll win an award for every individual project, combined they are all helping companies across APAC to accelerate their business. In my book, that’s a Hollywood Ending!

 frederic= Frederic Gillant joined ShoreTel in 2014 as vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific. Based in Singapore, Gillant leads ShoreTel’s go-to-market strategy across Asia Pacific managing the sales, channels, marketing and sales operations for the region. Other articles by Frederic are listed below:

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