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Girl Scouts of Northern California Unites Thanks to ShoreTel Solutions

Cookie season is here!

The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is the largest voluntary organization of girls in the world – with a mission to build courage, confidence, and character and make the world a better place. The Girl Scouts of Northern California council includes over 47,000 girls and 32,000 adults.

The Girl Scouts of Northern California council was formed by a merger of five companies. The result was five different phone systems – most of them very old systems – that caused training and support challenges, not to mention the lack of integration. They evaluated many different phone systems and chose a ShoreTel solution, which included phones, ShoreTel Conferencing, ShoreTel VPN concentrator and plan to rollout ShoreTel Mobility.

They have seen many benefits, including:

  • Saving money by leveraging ShoreTel conferencing and not having to use an external conference service.
  • Ability for staff to stay more connected using ShoreTel features like extension assignment and call forwarding.
  • Improved customer service by redesigning many business processes to allow customers to reach the groups they need and to answer all other incoming calls with a live person.
  • Voice to text translations to a few mailboxes so they can respond quicker and with the right resource to help customers.

“Probably the biggest benefit we’ve seen is that we now have one system to support the entire company. This has unified our offices and helped our staff stay more connected.”
– Glenn Rogers, CIO, Girl Scouts of Northern California

For many of us we might be familiar with Girl Scouts because of their delicious cookies. Learn more about their 2012 cookie sale. Me – I’m partial to the Thin Mints.


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