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Saving Energy Strengthens ShoreTel's Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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I've written before about ShoreTel's commitment to the environment and technology design that support social responsibility.

Our team's efforts are paying off! According to a new report from the Tolly Group, the ShoreTel UC system is significantly more energy efficient than the Cisco Unified Communication Manager. You can check out the details of the report, but in brief, ShoreTel:

  • Uses 37% less power in a large enterprise network scenario
  • Consumes 45% less power to support a medium enterprise scenario of an HQ and 19 branch office sites
  • Uses 44% less power in a small office scenario

In every enterprise setting, ShoreTel consumed less energy. This fact wouldn't mean too much if we delivered lower performance, less reliability, or fewer features, or in some other way increased the total cost of ownership. But we don't. In fact, we offer higher performance, greater reliability, more features, and great TCO, which is why we were recently named the Best Overall VOIP Provider by Nemertes Research. It's also why ShoreTel is the fastest growing IP PBX company in the world!

The tremendous focus on corporate environmental responsibility can lead to a lot of aspirational statements that aren't backed up by results (OK, a lot of hype), so having reliable numbers to back up our claims is critical to customers that have made energy efficiency an important part of their procurement evaluation.

John W. Combs



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