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Think Different: Heavy Hearts Remember a Visionary

There is a sadness in the hearts of geeks and techies today. We lost a visionary last night, a man who some have called Gen Y's RFK. He once said that technology does not change the world, and it's true. But people do. With their actions, their words, their passions.

Whether you have an iPhone or a Droid; a Mac or Microsoft OS; you can't deny that your world view was changed the first time you saw Toy Story and the first time you used an iPod. And it hasn't stopped changing. Steve's leadership reset the limits of technology and emphasized the importance of the consumer in the business world. He made us uncomfortable by showing us we had settled in tech. He set the bar for innovation, design and seamless simplicity that everyone's been scrambling to reach since he stepped on the stage in 2001 and showed the world what an iPod was.

Here's to you Steve. Because of you, we'll always try to be a little crazier.

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