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ADTRAN Solutions for Switching and SIP trunking

ADTRAN offers a complete, end-to-end solution set certified by Mitel to support requirements from point of demarcation with enterprise session border controllers (eSBCs) all the way to the LAN with Ethernet switches. The integration of ADTRAN solution sets and Mitel’s phone system provides VARs, MSPs and carriers streamlined access to a complementary, robust, high-quality VoIP solution portfolio that offers advanced ease-of-use and reliability.

ADTRAN’s portfolio of NetVanta Ethernet switches are the best switches for VoIP delivering advanced voice fidelity, reliability and usability during installation and management activities. With ADTRAN switches, resellers and service providers are able to gain better control of the network, accelerate deployments, optimize customer experiences and avoid issues like dropped calls or inconsistent voice quality. The interoperability certification ensures that ADTRAN and Mitel solutions will provide seamless quoting, deployment and management processes for partners, in addition to offering proven reliability. ADTRAN’s NetVanta portfolio includes Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, Fiber Aggregation, and ActivChassis Stacking switches. In addition, ADTRAN’s innovative ActivReach technology (available on select NetVanta switches) extends Ethernet reach over all grades of wiring and at distances up to 1600 feet, simplifying and cutting the costs of VoIP deployments.  ADTRAN’s range of switching solutions includes:

  • NetVanta 1200 series (Fast Ethernet)
  • NetVanta 1530, 1540 and 1550 series (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • NetVanta 1544F (Fiber Aggregation)
  • NetVanta 1600 series (Gigabit Ethernet with ActivChassis stacking)
  • NetVanta 1235P and 1535P (ActivReach switches)

ADTRAN’s Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC), available as a Feature Pack on both NetVanta Routers and Total Access Gateways, is designed to provide superior Voice over IP (VoIP) interoperability to both service providers and enterprises as the shift to IP communications progresses. As more service providers deliver IP services to the enterprise edge, ADTRAN® is providing a migration path to various services, from business trunking, hosted VoIP, and onto native SIP trunking. Designed to ease the need for extensive interoperability testing, ADTRAN’s Session Border Controller Feature Pack provides the tools necessary to normalize, secure and troubleshoot communications between a service provider’s SIP trunk and Mitel’s IP Telephony and Unified Communications solutions. ADTRAN's Session Border Controller Feature Pack is available on multiple industry leading hardware platforms: Chose from any of these and other ADTRAN products based on needs like total routing throughput, number of SIP trunking sessions, analog interfaces like FXO, FXS and PRI, and requirements such as IPSec and VPN tunnels for secure access.

  • Total Access 908e
  • NetVanta 3430
  • NetVanta 3448
  • NetVanta 4430
  • NetVanta 6250
  • NetVanta 6310
  • NetVanta 6410


NetVanta Ethernet Switches
  • Broad range of switches – Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, Fiber Aggregation, Virtual Stacking and ActivReach
  • Built to support today’s networking priorities such as Wi-Fi expansion for BYOD, VoIP migration, video streaming, campus-wide networking, and core switching.
  • Built-in VoIP Setup Wizard and “zero-touch” phone setup for faster deployments
  • “Voice aware” with voice quality monitoring (VQM), advanced QoS feature set and dedicated voice VLANs to guarantee voice quality
  • Multiple management options including Web GUI, CLI and Cloud (via ADTRAN’s ProCloud)
  • Switches with unique ActivReach technology that extends Ethernet reach over existing in-building wiring simplifying VoIP deployments
  • Limited lifetime warranties with industry leading support SLAs and included advance hardware replacement
Enterprise SBC
  • SIP Header Manipulation Rules (HMR) solves interoperability issues present in disparate networks
  • Media anchoring ensures traffic flows from a trusted network element, preventing media routing confusion and hiding the topology of the enterprise network
  • Packet Capture (pcap) allows for user-defined routing of packet information for troubleshooting and evaluation purposes
  • Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) provides a sophisticated level of network performance visibility in an easy-to-use, graphical interface
  • High-Performance firewall identifies and protects voice networks against common Denial of Service (DoS) attacks


Ethernet Switches
  • Best switches for VoIP delivering high voice fidelity, faster VoIP deployment and ease of use, and maximum network uptime
  • Cloud-ready switches (with ADTRAN’s ProCloud) enabling faster scaling and centralized management from any device anytime
  • Gain better control of the network, accelerate VoIP deployments, optimize customer experiences, and avoid dropped calls or inconsistent voice quality
  • Interoperability certification ensures that ADTRAN-Mitel solutions provide seamless quoting, deployment and management processes for partners, in addition to offering proven reliability
Enterprise SBC
  • Supports from 50 up to 1,000 simultaneous SIP sessions
  • Intelligent network failover for disaster recovery
  • Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) for easy fault identification
  • Available as a dedicated appliance or on multiple industry-leading hardware platforms

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