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SpeechBridge appliances empower businesses with enterprise wide speech recognition and Text-To-Speech capabilities that improve customer service, increase mobile employee productivity and reduce operating costs. With the ability to retrieve information and process repetitive tasks using simple spoken commands, SpeechBridge connects you and your customers to the information they need anytime, anywhere, and ensures compliance with hands-free legislation. SpeechBridge is a seamless enhancement to Mitel with integrated speech-enabled phone directories, e-mail, calendar, and IVR call flows.


  • 100% hands-free call routing with “speak the name” , “speak the department “, and “press or say” options
  • Seamlessly add speech-recognition and Text-To-Speech support to IVR applications
  • Tight Microsoft Exchange integration for speech-enabled e-mail and calendaring
  • Open, standards-based, VoiceXML and .NET speech application development platform


  • Automate call routing and free up employees time to handle more complex customer inquiries
  • Eliminate keypad frustration and improve customer service with support for simple, spoken requests
  • Comply with hands-free cell phone laws for customers and employees in today’s mobile world
  • Speed up employee collaboration with speech-enabled phone directories, email and calendarin

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