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ThinkTel SIP trunking is a PSTN replacement over SIP. SIP Trunking is essentially high-end business Voice over IP offering a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone service.
Unlike PRIs offering a fixed number of 23 channels (or lines), SIP Trunking provides a flexible number of channels that can be adjusted at any time. As such, no need to oversubscribe and pay for lines that will only be used during peak times! SIP Trunking is the perfect solution for businesses with 5 to 25 lines operating across multiple locations or experiencing highly-variable call volumes.


  • Pooling channels across multiple locations to avoid paying for services at each site
  • Using Capacity on Demand to manage the same call volume with fewer lines
  • Assigning numbers from different cities to the same SIP trunk to eliminate LD charges
  • Avoiding toll-free charges by creating a virtual presence almost anywhere in Canada


  • Online tool allows for more flexible management of communications resources based on varying needs
  • Change capacity at any time, as many times as needed, without penalty
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional phone service delivered over PRIs, without compromising call quality
  • Decreased installation time to activate SIP trunk channels versus PRIs
  • Highly-redundant national voice network built on carrier-class technology ensures reliability and 100% business continuity


Mitel Innovation Network - Mitel Validated

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