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VoIP Unlimited

VoIP Unlimited SIP trunks allow users to connect to the PSTN from any IP end point using new or ported UK telephone numbers. We allow spoofing of customer CLI to enable outbound only call services, increasing customer call capacity. Geographic numbers from every UK area code are on offer, along with over 5000 international city codes. T38 is inherently supported on all VoIP Unlimited number ranges, allowing reliable fax over SIP. Number porting is also supported from PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN30, Virgin Media, C&W and from other SIP providers.


  • Full T38 support
  • DDI support (UK and International)
  • 999 routable
  • Outbound number spoofing support
  • Portal management of SIP trunks


  • Increased concurrent call capacity
  • Flexible inbound call routing
  • Low cost rental
  • Out of area presence
  • Disaster Recovery Options

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