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How Can We Help?Cut Costs on Phone Systems and Connectivity

As an IT professional or business leader, you’re likely being asked to do more with less. But with the critical role that business communications play in employee productivity and the customer experience, compromising phone system capabilities for costs is not a good answer.

You’ve come to the right place. At Mitel, we not only focus on delivering rich, innovative functionality with our business VoIP solutions but we’re proud to say that industry analysts consistently rate Mitel as the market leader in lowest Total Cost of Ownership for unified communications and collaboration software.

That value is driven by our commitment to making interactions simple. By eliminating unnecessary complexity in your office phone system, you trade hours of employee training for intuitive interfaces and an easy portal for phone system administration. Highly reliable onsite and cloud architectures mean you trade hardware repair windows for continuous uptime. Innovative engineering means you trade patch worked systems for seamless integrations and faster deployments. And as a result of it all, you’ll see greater savings and faster ROIs.

Mitel also makes it easy to lower costs with our SIP trunking services by eliminating the need for infrastructure and maintenance that support voice connectivity. If your current phone system uses analog technology, you’re likely paying for one phone line per phone number. This traditional approach can be a costly option in terms of dollars spent, physical space needed and installation time required – particularly as your business grows.

However, with Mitel SIP, call capacity on SIP trunks can be increased on-demand to support unlimited concurrent calls at low per minute rates to ensure you don’t pay for more than you need. In fact, Mitel SIP customers cite an average of 20-40% savings on connectivity.

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